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Comparison of financial years

Is there some way I can print out two columns side by side showing income & expenses for two financial years to compare. 

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Hi Fran,

You can use the "Income and Expense" report to do this.  

Open Moneydance and choose Tools > Graphs and Reports.  

Scroll down until you see the "Income and Expense" report.  

(Reports display an orange clipboard icon on the left of the report name).  

Select the report and you'll see the report settings on the right.  

When viewing the settings, you can choose the date range, accounts to include etc.  

Amend the date range to include the last two years, and change the "Group By:" field to "Group By Year".

At the bottom of the report settings, you'll likely see "All Income" and "All Expense".  

You may wish to choose the button on the right of this - "Show: By Individual".  

This will display each of your individual categories, and you can choose which to include/exclude.  

When you're done amending the settings, select "Generate" to view the report.  

You can choose "Print" to print the report, or specify to save the report as a PDF file within the print dialog window.  

Alternatively, choose "Save" and save the report using the "Comma Delimited (CSV)" format.  

(CSV files can be opened using spreadsheet software like Excel or Numbers).

If you'd like to create a report that also includes your individual transaction details, you can follow the same steps but choose the "Income and Expense, Detailed" report instead.

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