What is Moneydance+

With Moneydance+, you can use an automated process to download all of your transactions from tens of thousands of banks and credit card accounts, even if those institutions do not provide direct connections

Online Bill Pay is not currently supported using Moneydance + but we are working towards including a similar feature in the future.

Moneydance+ uses the Plaid aggregator to download transactions. 

We're excited to roll it out initially for US and Canadian banks, with EU and UK support soon to follow. 

There is no obligation to use Moneydance+ to download your transactions.

If you're currently downloading transactions using OFX Direct Connect, you can continue to download your transactions with this same method.


The use of the Moneydance+ features requires a reasonably-priced subscription.  

The cost is $2 monthly (if you already own a Moneydance 2022 license).

This includes a 14-day free trial and is cancelable at any time.

Using Moneydance+ is purely optional and because running the service incurs a fee for us (and since we don't sell ads or customer data) the subscription was necessary.

If you prefer not to use Moneydance+, you can still always purchase Moneydance with a one-off payment, and it's yours to keep, forever, with no sunsetting of features.

Privacy and Security

For information on the privacy and security of Moneydance+, we recommend taking a look at our relevant blog post.