Moneydance 2017(and later) allows you to sync your files seamlessly and efficiently across computers and mobile devices using our fully encrypted incremental syncing engine. Moneydance can now use any shared folder (such as Dropbox) to quickly sync your financial data conflict-free, using end-to-end encryption to maintain your privacy.

We recommend that you do not rely solely on Dropbox for backing up your data.
We'd always recommend backing up your main desktop data set regularly, and with whatever backup method you use to protect your financial information. Automatic backups can be enabled within Preferences --> Backups, and manual backs can be created using File --> Export Backup.

It is very important that you ensure the data file you'd like to sync with is not already located in any shared folder (like Dropbox, Network Share, etc) before syncing is set up. We strongly recommend that your main data file (the .moneydance file) is stored locally. In newer versions of Moneydance, you'll be prompted to move the file to your local system, if Moneydance detects the file is being shared.


Launch Moneydance on your computer to view the file you'd like to share, then navigate to File > Syncing.

To share your data with a mobile/iOS/Android device, you'll need to ensure you select either Dropbox Folder or Dropbox Connection as the sync method.

Dropbox Folder 

Sync using the Dropbox folder on this computer. This will allow Moneydance to process synced data even if you're not connected to the Internet at the time.

Dropbox Connection

Sync by connecting to your Dropbox account. Moneydance will communicate with the Dropbox service if you authorise it to access your files.

iCloud Drive - available soon for the iOS mobile app (requires Moneydance 2022) This sync method is Mac-specific and it can only be used with one iCloud account at a time.

Then you will be prompted to create an Encryption Password.

The encryption password should be a unique password of your choice. It is not your Dropbox account password, and it should not be the same as any other password for your own security.

The next step is to install the free app on your mobile device from the iTunes Store- if you're using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or the Google Play Store - if you're using Android.

Once installed, open the app to see the “Dropbox" title and logo displayed. Select this, then tap "Connect to Dropbox".

You'll be taken to Dropbox's website to give the Moneydance app permission to access your Dropbox.

If you're already connected to Dropbox on your device, this may be done automatically.

If you have more than one file enabled to sync via Dropbox, choose the same file you have opened on your computer.

Enter the Encryption Password that you created earlier.

Your data should populate into the app. The mobile app includes 365 days of transactions for each account shown within the following account types: Bank accounts, Credit Card accounts, Asset accounts and Liability accounts. It may take a few moments for the initial sync to complete and for your account information to be displayed.