Moneydance 2017+ allows you to sync your files seamlessly and efficiently across computers and mobile devices using our fully encrypted incremental syncing engine.  

Moneydance can now use any shared folder (such as Dropbox) to quickly sync your financial data conflict-free, using end-to-end encryption to maintain your privacy.

Before you setup syncing -

You should make sure you're running the same version and build of Moneydance on all computers you'd like to sync with.  

You can check the version and build number by navigating to Help > About Moneydance (or on a Mac choose Moneydance > About Moneydance ).

It is very important that you ensure the data files you'd like to share are not already located in or accessed by any shared folder (like Dropbox, One Drive, etc) before syncing is setup. 

We strongly recommend that your main data file (the .moneydance file) is stored locally. In newer versions of Moneydance, you'll be prompted to move the file to your local system, if Moneydance detects the file is being shared.

We recommend that you do not rely solely on Dropbox for backing up your data.
We'd always recommend backing up your main desktop data set regularly, and with whatever backup method you use to protect your financial information.

Automatic backups can be enabled within Preferences > Backups, and manual backs can be created using File > Export Backup.

Setup syncing on the first computer -

Open Moneydance to view the file you'd like to share, then navigate to File > Syncing.

You can choose from three options -

Dropbox Folder -
Sync using the Dropbox folder on this computer. This will allow Moneydance to process synced data even if you're not connected to the Internet at the time.

Dropbox Connection -
Sync by connecting to your Dropbox account. Moneydance will communicate with the Dropbox service if you authorise it to access your files.

Shared Folder -
Sync using a folder that you specify that is shared across computers or devices.

If you also wish to share your data with the mobile app, you'll need to ensure you select either Dropbox Folder or Dropbox Connection as the sync method.

You must choose Dropbox Connection if you purchased Moneydance from the App Store.

You'll then be prompted to create an Encryption Password if you haven't already.

The encryption password should be a unique password you choose. It is not your Dropbox account password, and should not be the same as any other passwords for your own security.

Retrieve the sync files on the other computer -

On your other computer, open Moneydance and navigate to File > New.

If you're viewing the "Welcome to Moneydance" window, choose "Create New Account Set".

Select "Open Synced File".

Select the same sync method as the first computer.

You'll then see a list of files available for syncing - pick the file you'd like to retrieve.

Finally, enter the encryption password to match the first computer.

If you need to check the encryption password, open Moneydance on the first computer and choose File > Syncing > Show Passphrase.

Then wait while the initial sync takes place.
Once complete, your data should populate into the program.

It may take a moment for the file to initially sync after completing the last step of the sync setup process. Please wait for the syncing to complete and do not close or force quit the program.

Using the Synced Files -

By following these steps above, each computer will have it's own copy of your data file, and also backup files.

Any changes are shared with the other computer using the sync files within the shared folder you picked. If you enter a test transaction on either computer, you'll see it appear on the other after a few moments.

To access the synced file, open Moneydance as normal by selecting the program icon.
If the synced file was the last file you used, it should open automatically.
If not, choose File > Open, where the file name will be listed. Select the file to view the data within.

Sync File Preferences -

When you sync a file between computers in this way, the Master Password on the original system will not be transferred. The password that you set to open your data is a password just for the specific computer or mobile device.  
These passwords cannot be transferred as it's a matter of local security on each system. You’ll need to setup passwords for each computer you’re syncing with via File > Passwords.

The preference settings also won't be transferred to your new system - this is by design. You will need to configure your preferences on the computers you are syncing with via File > Preferences (or on a Mac, choose Moneydance > Preferences).

For example - Two members of a household share a data file, but have different computers. Each has their own preferences related to theme, font size etc. If the preferences were synced, each computer would be forced to use the same preferences, not what the individual user needed.

If you use the Reminder features in Moneydance, once syncing has been setup you should check your "Network" preferences and enable "Auto-commit Reminders". 
This preference is specific to the currently open data file.
This option helps to avoid possible duplicated transactions - if an auto-committing transaction reminder is recorded on two different computers before the changes can be synced between them. We recommend enabling this option only on the computer which is the most used and most often connected to the internet.