Moneydance supports a variety of account types.
You'll find a list of the account types below, with a brief description of each.

Aside from Investment accounts, all accounts an be specified as a “Child of” (sub-account of) another account of the same type.

BankRepresent accounts like checking and savings.

Credit CardsKeep track of your current balance on a single credit card. The balance of your credit card account represents your current debt on that card.

InvestmentHold securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) as well as cash. Investment accounts support entry of standard bank transactions.

AssetA “catchall” account. Can be used to track the value of a home, to keep a household inventory for insurance purposes, or track any other items you would like included in your net worth.

LiabilityAnother “catchall” account. This could be used to track other liabilities you would like included in your net worth.

Loantrack a loan with regularly scheduled payments, a known interest rate, and a fixed starting debt. When you open a loan account in Moneydance you can choose to add the principal of your new loan to the balance of another account.