Create an Account -

To create an account, open Moneydance and select Account > New Account.

You will then be prompted to select which type of account you would like to create:

Bank, Credit Card, Investment, Asset, Liability, or Loan.

The account creation window will open where you can enter the account details.

The fields "Account Name", "Start Date", "Initial Balance", and "Currency Type" are required.
All other fields are optional.

If you do not select a “Default Category” for the account, the first existing category in your data file (in alphabetical order) will be selected.

By default the currency is set as the Base Currency of your data file.

Edit an Account -

To edit an existing account, select your account and choose Account > Edit Account.

You'll see the 'Account Info' window, where you can amend the account details.

Delete an Account -

To delete an account, select the account and choose Account > Delete Account.

Deleting an account will also delete all transactions associated with that account.

If the account contains transactions, you'll have to confirm the deletion by typing "yes" into the delete window.