To access your Moneydance preferences, choose File > Preferences.

On a Mac, choose Moneydance > Preferences.

This article details the options available within the "Check Printing" tab.

From the 'Check Type' drop-down menu, you can choose one of the following:
Standard, Checks with Stubs, or Voucher Checks.

You can set the number of checks per page.

You can enable the memo field if you want the transaction memo included on the check.  

You can also enable 'Show Address' if you want the Payee address included on the check.    

To use this feature, the Payee address must already be entered within the Address Book as outlined in this article.

Use the sliders and fields below to further adjust the layout to fit your checks.

The 'X' fields determine the horizontal positioning, and the 'Y' fields set the vertical position.

You can select 'Print Test Page' on the left to test the layout settings while getting this configured.

These check settings are data file specific, so if you have two different types of checks you will need to re-set these options each time you change check type.