To access your Moneydance preferences, choose File > Preferences.

On a Mac, choose Moneydance > Preferences.

This article details the options available within the "General" tab.

Show Full Account PathsIf unchecked the account path “Bills: Electricity” will
appear as "Electricity".
Register Follows Recorded TransactionsWhen enabled, the register will scroll to new transactions as they are entered.
Use VAT/GSTWhen enabled Moneydance will automatically split any transactions that have associated VAT/GST rates into two categories, one to reflect the purchase cost and one for the VAT/GST. This is detailed in this article.
Case Sensitive Auto-CompletionOnly match previous transactions that begin with the exact text that has been typed in the Description field.
Auto-Insert Decimal PointsWhen enabled, values such as '1234' will be interpreted as '12.34', always putting two digits after the decimal point.
Auto-create New TransactionsAfter entering a transaction a new transaction entry window will automatically open.
Separate Tax Dates for TransactionsAllows two dates to be entered for each transaction, one for your records and one that can be used for taxes.
Show All Accounts in PopupIf left unchecked, income/expense categories and accounts with the “Hide on Summary Page” option checked will not be in the pop-up list available at the top left of the Moneydance window (Inactive accounts are never visible in this pop-up). 
Beep when Transactions ChangeWhen enabled, Moneydance makes a cash-register sound when a transaction is entered. 

Show Selection DetailsThis will amend the 'online' and 'attachment' panels (seen on the right of your account register when selecting unconfirmed transactions, or a transaction that includes an attachment).
By default, this is set as 'In Main Window'.
It can be changed to 'In separate popup'
Side Bar Balance TypeChoose between Current Balance, Balance, and Cleared Balance.
  • Balance - The total of all transactions in an account register, regardless of date or cleared/uncleared status.
  • Current Balance - The total of all transactions up to and including today's date.
  • Cleared Balance - The total of all transactions you have marked as "cleared.”
Date FormatChoose between several date formats.
Decimal CharacterChoose between a decimal point or a decimal comma.
LocaleSelect your locale to alter language and spelling (some locales will also amend the week start day).
Fiscal Year StartSet a fiscal year with a start other than January 1st.