The Moneydance mobile app is a free companion to the desktop version of Moneydance, and allows entry and modification of transactions while on the go.

Accounts, categories and recent transactions are synced to your mobile device, and transactions entered or modified on your mobile device are synced to your main data file.

The mobile app offers remote syncing via Dropbox. This allows you to sync all of your devices remotely anywhere you have access to the internet. Transactions entered when you don't have internet access will be synced the next time you connect.

The app protects your information using 128 bit AES encryption.

You can also secure the app on your mobile device with a 4 digit PIN, by enabling 'Use Passcode' within the mobile app settings.

The mobile app includes 365 days of transactions for each account shown.
The app will display Bank accounts, Credit Card accounts, Asset accounts and Liability accounts.

Using the iOS mobile app -

Select an account to view your transactions.

A search box is available within each account. Scroll to the very top of the transaction list to view the search field.

You can select an existing transaction to edit it.

Select "+" at the top right of the screen to add a new transaction.

To delete a transaction, swipe the transaction to the left. This will give you the option to delete the specified transaction.