To set up automatic downloads for TD Bank you can follow the steps below.

  • Contact TD Bank (1-877-284-4037) to enable "Direct Connect services for Quicken".

We recommend you refer to Quicken instead of Moneydance. This is because Moneydance uses the exact same OFX protocol for Direct Connect as Quicken, but often bank representatives do not know this and will mistakingly advise you cannot connect from within Moneydance.

If you're having trouble getting the correct service enabled, you should explain that you need to use Direct Connect for a program other than Quicken, and therefore the service should be enabled without using the Quicken approved "one step update".

  • Once enabled, attempt to connect to TD Bank from within Moneydance.  
    To do this, open Moneydance, select your account and choose Online > Setup Online Banking. 

  • Once you've created the connection, select your account and choose Online > Download 'AccountName' Transactions.  

  • You may receive an error message indicating that you need to enable Direct Connect services.

  • Using a web browser, open the TD Bank website and log in.
    Navigate to Account Options > Account Services, and select "Manage Financial Tool Access".
    Approve the connection from "Quicken Windows 2018"

  • Then open Moneydance again and attempt to download your transactions.