You can display and modify your investment holdings using different view options -
Portfolio View, Register, Bank Register, and Securities Detail.

Portfolio View -

This view provides an overview of a single investment account.

All securities in the selected investment account that have nonzero values are listed along with their current price, number of shares and the current value.

The total value of the securities as well as the cash balance of the investment account are also displayed.

If the investment account contains multiple types of securities (stocks, bonds, CDs, etc) then a graph is created showing the distribution of value across the different types of securities.

Register - 

The Register view shows all transactions in your investment account, including bank-type transactions.

Clicking on a column header in the Investment Transaction Register will sort the transactions by that field, if possible.

When editing transactions in the investment register, different fields may be enabled or disabled based on the type of transaction. The different fields are detailed below:

  1. Date The date that the transaction was posted to the account.

  2. Tax Date The date of the transaction for tax purposes.

  3. Action field signifies the type of transaction. This can be one of the following:

    • Buy Purchase shares of a security from funds in the account.
    • BuyXfr Purchase shares of a security using funds from another account.
    • Sell Sell shares of a security and deposit funds into the account.
    • SellXfr Sell shares of a security, placing the funds into another account.
    • Div Dividends earned for a specific security and deposit funds into the account.
    • DivReinvest Dividends earned for a specific security and used to purchase more shares of that security.
    • DivXfr Dividends earned for a specific security and transferred to another account.
    • Short Sell shares of a security that you do not own, in the hope that those shares will go down in value and can be purchased for less.
    • Cover Purchase shares that were previously shorted.
    • MiscInc Miscellaneous income associated with a specific security.
    • MiscExp Miscellaneous expense associated with a specific security.
    • Xfr Transfer funds to or from this investment account, including income or expenses not associated with a specific security.
  4. Check# If this account allows checks to be written from it, this field can be used to record the check number or other Check # field options.

  5. Description General description of this transaction, or payee if this is a check or transfer.

  6. Memo General notes on this transaction.

  7. C Cleared status: blank means the transaction is uncleared, a diamond indicates the transaction is in the process of being reconciled, a checkmark indicates that the transaction has been confirmed cleared.

  8. Security The security that is associated with this transaction, if applicable.

  9. Category The category to or from which expenses or income for this transaction are assigned, if applicable.

  10. Transfer The account or category to or from which the funds for this transaction are transferred, if applicable.

  11. Fee Category The category to which the fee for this transaction is assigned, if the fee is non-zero.

  12. Shares The number of shares being purchased or sold, if applicable.

  13. Price The price of the shares being purchased or sold, if applicable.

  14. Amount The total amount of the transaction. If shares are being purchased or sold then this will be equal to the number of shares multiplied by the price, plus (or minus) any fees.

  15. Fee The fee charged by your financial institution for this transaction.

  16. Cash Balance Non-editable field which displays the cash balance of the account after this transaction is applied, in the order specified by the register sorting.

Bank Register -

Moneydance offers integrated support for linked investment and checking accounts.

The bank register view makes it easy to enter standard bank-type transactions, and include these transactions in the balance of your investment account.

Securities Detail -

The Securities Detail view shows specific information about individual securities within the account. Information is displayed for the selected security in the pop-up list.

You can customize the graph by Ctrl+Click or right-clicking anywhere in the image field to bring up a number of options, including the ability to copy, print, and save the graph.

Transaction List A list of all transactions associated with the selected security within the current investment account.

Security Information Details such as the number of shares owned, current price, current value, cost basis and the percentage change of value.

Security Functions Buttons for recording a stock split, adding or editing a new security, editing the lot assignment, editing the price/volume history, and removing the security.

Performance/Volume Graph This graph displays the price of the security over time (adjusted for splits) as well as the trading volume.