If you would like to rename your Moneydance data file you can follow the steps below.

  • Open Moneydance, and navigate to Help > Show Documents Folder.

    This will open a new file browsing window displaying the default location of your files.

  • If your files are stored outside the Moneydance library, navigate to the custom file location on your system.

  • Once you've located the file, it's important that you close Moneydance - but keep the file browsing window open.

  • You will see a file/folder in your file browser named 'YourFileName.moneydance'.

    On a Mac system, the file will appear with the Moneydance icon displayed.

    On a Windows system, the file will appear as a regular 'folder' so you won't see the Moneydance icon.

  • You should right-click (Ctrl+click) on the file/folder and select 'Rename'.

  • Change the name to whatever you wish - just make sure you retain the .moneydance file extension at the end of the name.

  • When you're done making changes, reopen Moneydance.

  • You will likely be presented with the "Welcome to Moneydance" window.

    Your newly renamed data set should be displayed on the right of this window.

  • If not, click the 'Open Other' option.

    A file browser will open, allowing you to navigate to and select your newly renamed data file.