The graphing and reporting functions in Moneydance enable you to view your financial data in many different ways.

Reports are text based, while graphs are visual representations of your data.

To create a graph or report, open Moneydance and choose Tools > Graphs and Reports.  

Graphs display a green line graph icon to the left of the graph name.Reports display an orange clipboard icon to the left of the report name.

Choose the graph or report you'd like to use, and amend the settings.

After selecting the relevant report or graph settings, click the "Generate" button to display the report or graph in a new window. 

Alternatively, you access graphs and reports in the left side bar (below your accounts).

Select the graph or report, then choose 'Edit' near the top right of the of the main window to amend the settings.  

When you're happy with the report settings, select 'OK' to view your report in the main window.