SyncSpace provides a zoomable drawing space that can be sketched on by
multiple collaborators, at any time, over the net. No files to send
around, no versions to worry about. You're all sharing the same

Deep Zooming

Sketch out your ideas in a nearly limitless, zoomable drawing space.

Never again be limited by the size of the canvas or the amount of
space remaining in an existing sketch. You can always zoom in to add
detail or zoom out to add context to a drawing. With SyncSpace's
zooming, handwriting on a 10" screen actually becomes feasible.

Sketch Together

SyncSpace drawings can be updated by anyone with an iPad or
Android device, anywhere on the Internet. You can invite others to
collaborate on sketches by sending a link via iMessage or email. In
meetings, conferences and schools, SyncSpace can discover and broadcast
the existence of nearby shared drawings using Bonjour.

There are no limits to the number of people who can collaborate on a drawing.

Sharing Options

Your drawings can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, 37 Signals'
Campfire, your photo library, or emailed as PDF files. You can also
open SyncSpace drawings in any app that handles PDF files, including
Dropbox, GoodReader, Evernote, iBooks and thousands more!

Sketches can be displayed on a nearby AppleTV or any HDMI or
VGA-connected display. Any shared drawings are also advertised on the
local network using Bonjour.

Share Anywhere

Collaborate on drawings using SyncSpace for iPad or Android
(including Kindle Fire). Drawings can be viewed with zooming and
real-time updates using a web browser on a PC, Mac or mobile device.