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Moneydance build 4087 is now trapped in an endless loop

When making an online payment I submitted the payment with a date that is in the past, I entered "6" June for the month but we are now in month "7" July.

 I'm running on Ubuntu 20.04.4 with current updates.

Moneydance build 4087 is now trapped in an endless loop between the error message dialog and the modify payment dialog which is BLANK, NO TEXT AT ALL. I can close the payment dialog dialog box but that generates the error dialog box. When I close the error dialog box the EMPTY payment dialog box shows up. Endlessly looping. I had just reconciled my credit card account prior to trying to make the payment.

So, my machine is running with Moneydance running in the background until I get instruction from you as to how to break out of the loop and shut down Moneydance so that it can save the current transactions.

I did try sending SIGNAL SIGTERM and SIGNAL SIGHUP but neither one could get java's attention (Java is running the Moneydance process of course)

Dennis J

PS: I've submitted a problem report but no answers yet so I'm reaching out to the community. I just want to kill the process properly so that my earlier session transactions are not lost or corrupted in Moneydance's database.

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OK, today I used the more aggressive kill -9 command, and naturally that killed the java process, thus killing Moneydance. When I started Moneydance and checked my earlier reconciliation event it had been saved. So it seems that Moneydance does write transactions to the database in real time and even somehow keeps its indexes in order. Bravo Infinitekind, programming well done, as usual.


Den J.

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