You can record the value of a property or your home, and update its value as the market changes.

To do this, you will treat the property as a security within an investment account.

Create a new Investment account by selecting Account > New Account.

Set the "Initial balance" as the purchase price of the house.

This will create an investment account, with enough cash in it to buy the property.

  • Select the investment account and you will be asked if you want to add a security to this account. Select Yes.

  • Select "New Security".

  • Enter a name for the property within "Security Name".

  • Enter the purchase price within the "Price" field, then select OK.

Selecting OK again will make the newly created security available within the investment account.

You'll then be taken back to the Investment account registers.

  • Click on the "Register" section of the investment account.

  • Select "New transaction"

  • Set the "Date" to the purchase date.

  • Set the "Action" to Buy.

  • The security for the property should already be selected.

  • Set the "shares" to 1.

  • The amount will be calculated.

Press return to record the transaction to the register.

Then navigate back to the "Portfolio View" section of the investment account.

You'll see that the account now holds 1 share in the property security, purchased at the property price.

The cash balance in the investment account is now $0 since we used it to make the purchase.

If you navigate to the Summary Page, you'll see an investment account displayed that contains 1 property worth the property value.

If you want to update the market value of the property -

  • Select the investment account, and navigate to the "Security Detail" view.

  • Click the "History" button for this security.

  • In the window that opens, enter the new price of the house in the "Current Price" field and then select "New".

On the Summary Page, you'll see that the price has been updated.