The Moneydance side bar is located on the left of the Moneydance program window.
The side bar can make it easier to see and access the information you use frequently.

By default, all accounts will appear in the Side Bar.

Accounts are grouped by type.

To expand or collapse a group of accounts, click the group heading (e.g. Credit Card)

To remove an item from the side bar, right-click (Ctrl+click) on the account name and select "Remove from Side Bar".

To re-add an item, click the + symbol at the bottom left of the sidebar.
You can use the "Advanced" option within this menu to more easily add/remove multiple items.

Removing an item (account, category, graph, budget, report, etc) from the side bar DOES NOT delete the item, or affect how it functions.

You can click and drag on the ||| icon at the bottom right of the side bar to expand or reduce the side bar width.

You can completely remove the Side Bar from view by selecting View > Hide Side Bar.