Moneydance 2014 is a free upgrade to anyone who purchased a license key for Moneydance 2012. This is true if you purchased an upgrade key or a new key. You can upgrade at no cost by using your current Moneydance license key with Moneydance 2012.

If you purchased a previous version of Moneydance you are entitled to a discounted upgrade price of $24.99. If you want to run Moneydance 2014 you will need to purchase an upgrade key. To determine whether you are entitled to a free upgrade or to confirm your license for a discounted upgrade use our convenient key tester here.

If you don't know your license key you can see it by running Moneydance and selecting Help->About Moneydance (or Moneydance->About Moneydance on a mac), or by using the "Lost Key" tool on the purchase page.