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Cannot Delete Erroneous Value for Fund Balance

A while ago I transferred all the shares I had in a Vanguard  mutual fund into a Vanguard money market fund. Unfortunately, due to an error I made, the first fund's balance in Moneydance is now not zero, but $1,300. I was unable, despite hours of trying to undo past transactions and various other flailing-around efforts, to eliminate this imbalance and get the balance to zero without affecting other balances in my Investments list. 

With the exception of that one fund, the actual balances in all my funds listed in Moneydance are accurate and match those I see online in all the investments and checking accounts I have. I would love to simply delete this fund and its spurious balance of $1,300, but when I try it, bad things happen in totals in the fund into which the money was transferred, and I am simply unable to do it.

Is there help available?

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I seem to have solved this minor problem. I created a new category of Error Correction with a balance of $1300 and transferred $-1300.00 from the formerly-owned fund to  Error Correction, bringing the defunct fund's balance and Error Correction's balance to $0.00.

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