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Chase doesn't work....

 Chase doesn't work! Sad face.

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I checked with Chase and they responded that my accounts are authorized to work with third-party budget software.  I'm subscribed to Moneydance+ and confirmed connection, but I still can't sync my accounts.  I submitted a support ticket.

This is also a recent issue for me since October. Two different CHASE accts that downloaded perfectly no longer work. I’m Using 2022.5 (4091) - downloaded it 10/12/22. DISCOVER is also an issue now. It stopped auto downloads quite awhile back and was solved by logging on my DISCOVER account & importing files to downloads. Now that isn’t working either. Very frustrating. Not sure where to turn so making an attempt to get help here .

If the Chase issue is from October, then you were probably using OFX downloads.

Chase discontinued OFX in early October.

Discover discontinued OFX earlier this year.

As to importing files, that should continue to work. What changed in the file import process for you?

Same for Chase, you should be able to do manual file import.

If you want automatic downloads for both, Moneydance created a pay for add-on called Moneydance+ which is a try for free, $2/month if you want it long term.

Here is a statement from Moneydance/IK about Chase.

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