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New computer

So I already posted a ticket on Thursday of last week (still being processed??!), but maybe you all can help me.  I bought a new computer and installed 2015 Moneydance (the one I have the license for) and all the "help" in this article are not so completely not helpful: .  I had a complete backup of the original hard drive and there is no file or folder called "YourFileName.moneydance" (except the one made when I attempted to open the newly installed program - it's blank).  I attached screenshots of what I am seeing and really need someone to actually talk to me one on one (This has happened before and they had to remote into my machine).  How can I get someone to respond to my ticket?  I’ve paid money for the program, but honestly, the support has been lacking!  Ideas?  I also synch this with my phone and that’s what I’ve been keeping up to date until now, but I don’t want them to be too different.  My back up is  a week old at this point.  Help!

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