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Can't enter transactions in investment registers

Up until today, I've been able to add transactions to my Investment Accounts to reflect unrealized gains and losses. Today, I sat down to update accounts, and neither the <command><N> keys nor the "New Transaction" link on the register page create a new line for entry. 

This affects Fund accounts exclusively - TIAA and Fidelity. It does not affect Bond and Stock accounts. 

I was last able to create a new entry line this time last month. 

I'm running 2022.4 (4077) on a Mac running Monterey 12.3.1.

. . . more to the point, it affects accounts in which no securities have been established. Balances are maintained in cash and updated via Unrealized Gains entry.

Also, I am able to duplicate past entries and edit the copies to reflect recent activity. I'm just no able to create new transactions via the standard means.

. . . noodling around while waiting for a response. Apparently, I now have to have at least one security associated with an investment account in order to be able to enter transactions. I created a dummy security, added to each investment account, and now I'm able to create gain/loss transactions as before.

This is a change that happened only in the past month. Did I miss a memo?

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