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Curious about JAVA as it relates to Moneydance

I'm confused about java and its relationship to Moneydance. I have happily used Moneydance for many years without knowing anything about java, which I think i read is used in writing  Moneydance. I recently upgraded from an iMac with MacOS Big Sur to a new Mac Studio with MacOS Monterey, using Migration Assistant. I verified with that the iMac did not have Java installed. The Mac Studio now does have Java installed, and there is a Java icon in System Preferences, which activates a Java Control Panel. I don't know why it was installed  or why I need it unless it has something to do with having a Java related app, and the only one I think I have is Moneydance. I wonder if it was installed automatically because of that. I also have a MacBook Pro (Intel) with MacOS Monterey. Moneydance 2022.3 runs fine on the old iMac and the MacBook Pro, neither of which has Java installed. The reason I discovered all this was that a Keyboard Maestro Macro to open Moneydance on the Mac Studio produced an error dialogue (not seen on the other Macs) that said "Unable to load Java Runtime Environment" and would not open Moneydance I have worked around that, and everything works fine. So it's nothing urgent  but I'm puzzled by the Java issue and wonder if it's related to Moneydance and if anyone can explain. 

Apple Support said my new Mac Studio would not have come with Java installed. So they thought Java was installed automatically during the process of migration from the iMac because a Java related application (Moneydance?) was detected and thought I needed it. But I don't.

This is a great question! We have used the java language to build most of Moneydance, along with some Python and Objective-C. Moneydance includes some software to support this java, but doesn't install anything on your computer. Everything that Moneydance uses (java, python, graphics and other resources) are all self-contained in the Moneydance app and do not install anything on your system.

To be honest, I have no idea why a Keyboard Maestro macro would show that error and not simply open Moneydance. When I used the latest version of KM (10.0.2) it launches Moneydance without any errors. If you can reproduce the error message would you be able to paste a screenshot of the message into this thread?




Hi Sean. Thanks for answering. Above is a screen shot of the Keyboard Maestro macro and the error message. The error didn't occur if I just double clicked to open, so I changed the macro to Execute an Apple Script to activate Moneydance and that avoided the error.

Apple Support said that Java did not come installed on the Mac Studio so my guess is that something in the migration process from my old iMac thought it detected a need for Java and installed it without my knowledge and without my need. The error dialog?  A programming mystery. 

Appreciate the Java and Moneydance description. I think I remember long ago having to download some Java files to run Moneydance.

Moneydance is of great value to me. Replaced the very old Andrew Tobias "Managing Your Money" app.


Dick Chanslor

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