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Lost Backup File

Seem to have lost my last backup file.  Have found a mdtxnarchive file, under .moneydance\safe\archive, with the right modified date attached to it but don’t know how to get the file to open in Moneydance.   Does anyone know how to do this?

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I wonder whether is anybody alive at Infinite Kind...

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Sorry for the lack of response here. This is our new support site that we're getting ready to use but we haven't yet migrated to it from the old (and current) site at

Heather, the quickest way to find your backup file would be to search your system for any files ending with (or having the extension) ".moneydancearchive"

If you don't find any such files on your computer we can get more into the details to find out where moneydance is putting your backups. If you're using a recent version of Moneydance you can use the Help->Show Backup Folder to reveal the folder where the backups are set, or you can check the Backups tab of the Moneydance preferences.



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