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Moneydance + doesn't work for me

I am returning to Moneydance after spending two. years with Banktivity.  I am having trouble downloading my accounts.  I have signed up for Moneydance + under the assumption that it would then download my transactions into my accounts.  I have entered all of them and they are all labeled as connected, and they are linked to the appropriate accounts in MD.  However, when I open MD, I get a dialog box or each of the accounts asking for all the passwords of my active accounts.  I can't do anything until they have all appeared.  I listed this problem a few days ago and not received an any help. . Some of them don't work (Chase, Citi).  I have looked at the match online accounts and put all of the OX/QFX accounts as none.  

If all of my accounts in MD Plus are connected, why don't they work???? If I highlight an account, and then indicate to download transactions, I still have to put in the password.  Isn't MD + supposed to do that automatically??  If it isn't, then I see no difference between having it and entering passwords the way I used to have to do.

Please help.  

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