Applying Reminders

When creating a Transaction Reminder selecting “Auto-Commit” will enter the transaction in the appropriate account register automatically, a set number of days before the transaction is scheduled.

If the Auto-Commit box is not checked when you create your Transaction Reminder, the transaction will not be applied to your register until/unless you manually apply the reminder.


You'll see a list of any overdue reminders displayed on the Summary page.

To manually apply a reminder, select the reminder from the overdue list.
You can also select the reminder from within the calendar, and select "Record Next Occurrence".

Then choose from the following options:

  • Skip - Skips only this instance of a recurring reminder.
  • Send Online Payment -Opens the Online Bill Payment interface. This option is only available if you have already set up online bill payment with your bank through Moneydance.
  • Defer - Performs no action. Leaves the reminder in the overdue or upcoming list.
  • Record - Enters the transaction into your register.
  • Acknowledge - Removes the General Reminder from your Summary.


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