Opening a backup file in Moneydance 2015

Moneydance 2015 automatically makes backups of your data set on a daily basis, as well as offering the ability to manually export a backup to a location of your choosing. The backup is a compressed file, and for data fidelity reasons does not contain data related to syncing with mobile devices (such as iPhones/iPads/etc). This file ends with the extension "moneydancearchive".

To open this compressed backup file:

  1. Move the backup file to the location where you would like it to be uncompressed. If there is already a data set with the same name in that folder, rename the old data set.

  2. In Moneydance, choose the "File->Restore From Backup" menu option.

  3. Select your backup file in the file selection dialog. Click OK.

  4. Your data set should automatically open.